Malcolm Little


  • Field: Marketing
  • Services: Marketing/Advertising, & Branding advice, Photography, Design (some)
  • Contact: (e) (p) 860-324-6272
  • Preferred Contact Method: Text
  • Social Media: (ig) @malcolmthelittle (in)
  • Top Cause: Equal Rights
  • Other Causes: The Arts


Malcolm is the type to let nothing get in the way of enjoying life. Despite whatever responsibilities he may have, he makes sure to make time for his hobbies. Making the most of his camera, Malcolm has honed his photography skills over the past few years and is continually adding to his admirable portfolio.

In His Own Words:

I enjoy observing and optimizing brands in today’s highly dynamic media landscape. Since I was a young lad, I’ve always sought out ways to combine my interest of technology with my love of the visual arts, culture and communication. I appreciate life for all the small parts that make the whole. I hope to teach others to appreciate the little things as well through my personal and professional endeavors as a visual producer and brand elevator in the worlds of design and advertising.


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