Nuno Barbosa

Nuno Barbosa


  • Company Name: BarbosaBorges
  • Occupation: Architect
  • Services: Project development, interior design, logos, project management
  • Contact: (e) (p) +238 599-4987
  • Social Media: (fb) Nuno Cardoso Barbosa
  • Top Cause: Immigrant Advancement
  • Other Causes: Community Beautification


Nuno is a young man with a wealth of knowledge, tremendous goals, and a very bright future. A man with many talents, Nuno has taken on many hobbies while also pursuing a fruitful career as an architect. He constantly looks to pick up new skills and never stops his pursuit for personal growth and progress. Mr. Barbosa is well on his way to making BarbosaBurges a household name in Cabo Verde.

In His Own Words:

My ultimate goal as an Architect would be to be acknowledged for what i do. I also have community goals and would like to provide pro bono works for public space restoration. I believe it is important to create safe environments and public spaces for everyone.

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