Flavio Debarros


  • Company NameFlavio D Photography
  • Occupation: Photographer and Videographer
  • Services: Fine-art wedding and lifestyle photography
  • Contact: (e) flavio@flaviodphotography.com (p) 617-652-0167
  • Preferred Contact Method: Email
  • Social Media: (ig) @Flavio_d_photography (fb) Flavio D Photography
  • Website: www.FlavioDphotography.com
  • Top Cause: Equal Rights for All
  • Other Causes: The Democratic Party, The Boys & Girls Club of Dorchester


A man who is never caged and never told what to do, Flavio Debarros has had a near meteoric photography career in Boston. I can personally remember the early days in his journey when he decided to pursue this path and leave his previous job. His grit and determination to follow his passion and make a name for himself is a testament to the success one can achieve with the right attention.

Talk to someone in the Boston wedding photography industry, those who have searched for the perfect photographer for their event, or those who write about talented wedding photographers (L1, L2, L3), and Flavio D Photography will likely be a part of that conversation.

In His Own Words:

“Here lies a sucker for love.” That’s what my tombstone will read some day. It’s the one thing I know for sure about myself. Love itself is classic and resolute, flourishing in unexpected places, regardless of religion, racial makeup or sexual orientation. Love is the reason I have developed such a deep passion for wedding photography. How could I not love documenting the union of two?

It was 1996 and I was 14. I, somehow, obtained a no-frills disposable camera and I found it intriguing. How can something so small hold so much? I was awe-inspired by the camera’s ability to capture a moment forever in time. Over the years, I got lost in the hustle and bustle and left my love for the camera behind. I spent time trying to be happy in a career that, in the end, was unfulfilling.

Fast forward to 2008, while moving into my first apartment, I was forced to dust off an old box of photos. It reminded me how much I enjoyed that a good photo freezes and transports you to a moment in time. From that point on, I started to dedicate all of my free time to developing my photography, eventually enrolling into Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts. Five years later, with the support and love of my wife, I’m living the dream as a classically trained photographer documenting the most important times in people’s lives.

Inspired by love… Classic, timeless, refreshing

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