Amilton Baptista


  • Company Name: Triple 7 Real Estate
  • Occupation: Realtor
  • Services: Selling homes, Real Estate Investments, Real Estate Consulting
  • Contact: (e) (p) 617-669-6970
  • Social Media: (ig)
  • Website:
  • Top Cause: Youth Development through Travel


Amilton is a man with aspirations much larger than just making money. For years he has worked to elevate himself, and create a fulfilling career. He has successfully accomplished this with his work in the Real Estate Field. Nevertheless, he continues to work to uplift his community.

Specifically targeting youth, Amilton has always had a passion for helping youth succeed and find better paths. In the neighborhoods of Dorchester and Roxbury, young people often have limited options and are unaware of their truly magnificent potential. Mr. Baptista has always worked to change that. Since his days working with Boston youth through DSNI and other organizations, he has made sure help our youth however possible.

In His Own Words:

A lifelong Massachusetts resident who helps people get to where they want to be in life through building wealth in Real Estate.

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