Evan Glasser

Evan Glasser


  • Company: Wayfair
  • Occupation: Business Account Manager
  • Services: Furniture Sales for Businesses, Project Consultation, and more
  • Contact: (e) evang32@gmail.com
  • Top Cause: Equal rights for all
  • Other Causes: Income equality, climate change, corporate abuse


Currently living in Boston MA as a dual Australian/American citizen, Evan has made our city his home. Meeting Evan you will quickly come to appreciate his humor, passion, and love for everyone. While he may be tremendous at his job and is at the top of his team, it is his refreshingly genuine desire to help those around him that makes Mr. Glasser special.

Evan quickly rose to the top of the Business Account Management team, and showed his peers that you can deliver sales while holding onto your values and looking out for your clients. He assists businesses of all sizes helping them save money, plan office renovations, and build the perfect work space. Whether you need someone to chat with about uplifting your community or about planning the perfect office move, Evan is the man for the job.

In His Own Words:

I have a strong moral compass and strive to fight injustice where ever I can find it, within my work place or without.


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