Guest Post: Lucas DeBarros



  • Company: Elevated Providers
  • Contact: (e)
  • Social Media: (ig) @ElevatedProviders
  • Website:
  • Top Cause: Youth Development
  • Other Causes: Equal Opportunity, Black Lives Matter, Minority Entrepreneurship, Economic Mobility, Immigrant Advancement


As I sit here considering the many people I know, I also begin to recognize the wide range of talents they have. This realization was what lead me on a path to create Elevated Providers. There are plenty of big name brands and companies in this world; however, it is the many freelancers and young entrepreneurs who I value. Dropping everything else, they set out to take on their passion and chase success. As a society we ought to nurture this mindset, praise those who have sought it, and promote others to do the same.

The people with this courage and determination often have goals far greater than just building a successful company or making money. That is why here on our website you can bare witness to all the different causes our providers support. I built this site and community so that we can support those who support the values we do. While it may be impossible to make 100% of your purchases through morally grounded companies and people, I intend to at least make it somewhat easier.


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