Febian Shah



Undeniably astonishing, Febian’s portfolio stands tall among the rest. Mr. Shah is yet another example of someone who had a passion and decided to seek it out relentlessly. Not only is he skilled with a camera, but he also has a Masters in Computer Science from India’s top university and co-founded Boston Professional Organization: a group which at its peak had over 1,500 members in it.

As his top cause Mr. Febian Shah chose “World Vision.” This organization allows you to sponsor a child for $35/month. This small price provides for everything from a child’s education to their health.

In regards to his support for “World Vision”, Febian had the following to say:

It is a great organisation and it helps me give back to the community. I get regular letters, greeting cards, messages, drawings from the children I sponsor and I can write to them myself. I cherish every little bit of communication I get from the children and it helps push me on my down days.

In His Own Words:

I am a Boston based Wedding and Fashion Photographer. I was always fascinated with photography but could never afford to buy a camera. After securing my first job in America – seven years ago, I spoiled myself and bought a $200 second hand camera off of Craigslist. I immersed myself in the world of photography and got obsessed with it. I read every book/website I came across and started putting it in practice. Social media added fuel to the fire by supporting what I did.

I have been featured on BBC Travel, was on the front page of Boston Globe won the Boston Metro Photography challenge and various other awards which further helped me grow the brand.

While photography remains my second job, for my main job, I have co-founded and run a small financial startup that is trying to disrupt the biggest giants on Wall Street. We are currently in our fourth year and still going strong. Technologically, we have achieved something that was simply not possible to do 5 years ago. With big data and cloud services, we are giving the big players a run for their money. I lead the tech team at our company and am very proud of what we have accomplished in so little time.

For photography, I take great pride in being able to connect with my clients to get genuine emotions out of them. I often work with people who have never been in front of the camera and find it important to get them comfortable. This is what I feel sets my business apart, I push to get genuine emotions out of clients and will never settle for fake smiles. I believe the breath of my portfolio speaks for itself and strive to grow more every day.

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