Guest Post: Stefano Barros



  • Services: College Access, Leadership Development, cultural competency consulting, academic advising
  • Top Cause: Black Lives Matter
  • Other Causes:Educational Equity, ACTUAL Criminal Justice Reform, Youth Empowerment & Development,


Fairly new to the city, Stef has lived in New York city since 2015 when he left Boston to pursue new career endeavors in youth development. Stefano graduated from Boston College prior to his move where he earned a degree in Communications. He has since utilized the information and techniques he learned there, along with the skills he has picked up working with various community members in the Boston area, to help empower young people of color.

In His Own Words:

Understanding full well that intersectionality is an integral part of the country’s progression toward TRUE equity, I constantly speak on Black Lives Matter being the movement/cause to push us towards the goal. At the end of the day, I know young people of color are the trendsetters, motivators, and future leaders of the world, and they need to know that they matter, and that they are capable of ANYTHING. Considering this, I work daily with youth to bring that to fruition. As the High school Leadership & Service Coordinator at a Community Based Organization in east Harlem, I infuse all of my work with themes and ideas that further stress that Black Lives Matter.

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