Guest Post: Tyler Barros

Tyler Barros


  • Occupation: Youth Development Worker
  • Social Media: @prince_aliababwa
  • Top Cause: Black Lives Matter
  • Other Causes: Youth Development


Tyler’s passion is undeniable. You see it in the actions he takes daily and the work that he does. As a youth worker in Boston, he truly cares for the kids he serves and feels a duty to assist them however possible. He is acutely in tune with the Black Lives Matter movement and the greater fight for equality we see taking place across the country. Tyler has a deep understanding of African-American history, struggle, the tremendous potential our community bears, and he is determined to see that success through.

In His Own Words:

In almost every fashion of American life, Black men and women (cis, trans and non-conforming) are consistently being told that their lives don’t matter. The Black Lives Matter movement serves as an outlet needed in order to change this narrative that our society actively promotes. Jesse Williams perfectly describes the mentality that we must instill within our communities of color, “Just because we’re magic, does not mean we’re not real.”

As a Program Leader at the Franklin Hill Boys & Girls Club in Boston, I work hard every day to ensure that the children understand what they are capable of and how much they matter.

I teach our young members fundamental computer skills that are essential to compete, progress and learn in today’s technologically-driven world. We cover subjects like operating system basics, Microsoft Office Suite, Google programs, online research, coding and more.

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