Alyssa Parker



Water is an essential element of our daily lives, and here in the US, many of us are blessed to have clean water readily available. This is not the case around the globe.

As a champion for clean water, the talented Alyssa Parker is a supporter of the nonprofit organization Healing Waters. With the global water crisis affecting over 1.8 billion people each year, Healing Waters combats this issue by building holistic clean water solutions and partnering with leaders in at-risk communities around the world. Her support for this organization is only one of the may ways she seeks fulfillment in her life aside from her work as a photographer.

Ms. Parker channels her passion for love into every photo she takes, and has a deep appreciation for her work. She continues to hone her skills and network with other photographers via groups like the Professional Photographers Association. With a background and personality like hers, Alyssa is the perfect fit for Elevated Providers and for your all your wedding photography needs.

In Her Own Words:

I’m Alyssa, a Wedding photographer in Lowell, MA serving the greater Boston Area. My passion for photography started at a young age when my mother gave me a disposable camera. And I guess you could say my passion for love started when I married my high school sweetheart.

Marriage is awesome. A commitment between two people to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives; it’s saying I have met the one I want by my side forever and always. My favorite part of every wedding is seeing the affection between two people and being able to freeze those beautiful moments in time.

My hope is that the bride and groom will look at their wedding images, months or years after, and they will remember how they felt on that day, they will remember all the love, joy and laughter of their wedding. I’m not only passionate about photography, I’m passionate about people, and their devotion to one another. I want to tell each love story through my lens and capture timeless images.

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