Geoff Janey


  • Company: Janey Elite Training
  • Occupation: Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach
  • Services: One on One/Partner Training programs, Group and Corporate Fitness and Wellness Programs, Strength Training, Powerlifting & Bodybuilding, Speed & Agility Drills, Sports Conditioning, Circuit & Interval Training, Weight Loss, Health & Wellness
  • Contact: (e)
  • Website:
  • Social Media: (ig) @janeyelitetraining
  • Top Cause: Anti Gentrification/Displacement

Often marginalized and forgotten, neighborhoods like Dorchester and Roxbury were shunned by many over the past decades. However, currently there is a development boom in the city of Boston and many have their eyes on these communities which they once turned their shoulder to.

This development often pushes out the people who made the community what it is today. We see gentrification creeping into Roxbury, Dorchester, and we already witnessed its effects in the South End where many families were forced to find new homes.

Fighting displacement is a difficult battle, but it starts by recognizing its existence and motivating others to join the fight. Geoff Janey knows this all too well. Passionate in his beliefs, he has become a successful trainer while fighting for causes like this.

I am against gentrification and the displacement of people who grew up in a community that are pushed out financially once the city deems a location as prime or profitable.

J.E.T. is a training brand dedicated to those who are dedicated to Goals. Over the years, JET has built a consistent reputation of Results. Through assessments, programming, knowledge, experience, and the ability adapt to a diverse clientele, our mission is to create a regimen tailored for the purpose of building a Better Faster Stronger version of YOU.

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