Guest Post: Maia Baptista



  • Services:Youth programming for 900+ youth in Boston ages 11-17. Specific services include both summer and school year programming, colleges readiness, mentoring, and social work.
  • Top Cause: Black Lives Matter
  • Other Causes: Youth Development


Yet another young professional eager to see Boston youth succeed, Maia Baptista is a welcomed face in the the local community. She has a unique background with experience in various environments which has given rise to a method all her own. Growing up in a Cape Verdean household, she grew up watching her iconic parents depict what it means to relentlessly chase success in the face of any and all obstacles. Mrs. Baptista strives to instill this same determination in the youth she works with every day.

Over the years she has become acutely aware to the marginalization of communities of color. As such, she works vigorously to teach the skills and self confidence Boston youth of color need to succeed. She is a product of hard work, years of education, and a relentless dedication to success. With both a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree, she surely made her mother proud never forgetting her main virtue  that education is key. Her breadth of experience includes time spent teaching young kids at institutions such as The Epiphany School and Camp Harbor View: outstanding organizations focused on giving Boston youth the leg up they need to succeed in an evolving world.

In Her Own Words

The youth I work with are majority black and brown young adults. I need them to know they matter and they are valued and respected. I try to use my experience as an adult black female to guide them and give them support.

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