Iva Andrade


  • Company: M7 Real Estate Group
  • Occupation: Real Estate Agent
  • Services: Real Estate/ sales/ rentals
  • Contact: (e) iva@m7reg.com (p) 617-908-8588
  • Top Cause: Equal Opportunities for Minorities
  • Other Causes: Immigrant Advancement


Iva Andrade, a loving mother of two beautiful daughters, has shown girls in the Commonwealth what it means to raise a family and still have a successful career. Not one to let life pass her by, she capitalized on the opportunity to master the world of real estate and take control of her own future.

Mrs. Andrade has shown those around her that you can overcome any obstacle with the right level of determination. She yearns to be the best in her field and has a work ethic to challenge anyone. All the while, she does not forget her family and will always put them before anything.

In Her Own Words

As the real Estate market shifts towards online markets and the internet, it is important to be integrated and fully understand the system.  The issue is that many people do not understand how to navigate the market as it is now. While this might be intimidating for some, I love it and I love helping others find their way. As a people person I strive for direct contact and I especially enjoy it when I get to help those who speak my language.

As an immigrant myself, there was a point when I didn’t really understand credit, how to manage it and how important it is for you to be able to do any business in the US without good credit. My passion as a real estate agent is not only to sell homes and make a living, but also to help immigrants like myself and my parents make conscious decisions about
their finances and real estate investments. Along the way, I hope to show others how to find the right home without falling into a trap by someone simply looking to make a quick sale.

You can find many workshops on health, immigration law and ESL classes, but not many about real estate investment. A lot of people don’t buy homes and they are “RENTAL SLAVES” because of their lack of knowledge or fear of being denied a loan. However, many of them  do not truly understand the requirements for a loan. I educate people on credit, credit repair, real estate investment and I strengthen their knowledge and involvement in the subject of finances so that their dream of owning a little piece of this country can become a reality.

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