Kyle Eyma



For those of us who live in a city, we often come across men, women, and sometimes families who are homeless with little to their name. Many of them have the same will and drive to succeed as anyone else, yet certain obstacles have stopped them from achieving their potential. Some pedestrians walk by without consideration or even acknowledgement of them, while people like Kyle stop to consider how they can uplift the homeless.
My mother inspired me to gear my efforts towards the homeless due to her involvement and working for the cause for the past year. I saw it only fitting that I take my passion for photography and aim to accomplish something that provides an impact.

Carrying over his passion for the homeless to his work as a photographer, Kyle has launched an online gallery/campaign where 20% of the proceeds from the photo campaign go directly to the Friends of Boston’s Homeless. The gallery hosts Kyle’s beautiful photography, and the final products come as professionally formatted 8X12 prints to showcase in your home. All this considered, it is important to note that it will be closing within 44 hours of when this post was written.

Efforts like this are the epitome of what Elevated Providers is aiming to achieve. This young professional is showing everyone that it is possible to be successful while still contributing to your community and uplifting others. All the while, he yearns to be the best at what he does and has relentless drive to create exceptional photos.

The pursuit of the perfectly composed portrait is what drives me to look farther and search harder for the most iconic locations.

Anyone in search of a freelance photographer would be remiss not to consider Kyle for their next project.

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