Guest Post: Nick Alves


  • Company Name: Better Opportunity Basketball (B.O.B.)
  • Services: Basketball Coach/Trainer & Youth Mentor
  • Contact: (e)
  • Website: Go Fund Me
  • Top Cause:Youth Development/Empowerment


Nick has always had a passion for basketball, and as a kid he relentlessly honed his skills on the court. He sought to be the best and used the game as a way to show others the unyielding drive he had.

Nick carries this same determination in his work with youth. While he has worked with children for years, he knew that his unique background and skills would serve youth better in a program he can formulate all on his own. As a result, Mr. Alves recently decided to form Better Opportunity Basketball (B.O.B).

The Youth are the future, and it’s up to us to guide them to future success.

Founded in 2017 to connect inner city youth with prep schools, and eventually college, B.O.B gives Boston youth an outlet to showcase and leverage their talents. This is done through minicamps, showcases, and various other events.

While this initiative may be new for Nick, this scene certainly is not and the success of the program is unavoidable. Nick understands both sides of this equation, and this understanding will allow him to give many children the better opportunity that they deserve.

To support Nick’s cause, I urge you to visit and donate here.


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