James “Jim” Gilmore

James Jim Gilmore


  • Company Name: JMF Coach
  • OccupationChauffeur
  • Services: Concierge Black Car Service
  • Contact: (e) Jim@jmfcoach.com (p) 781-413-4511
  • Social Media: (fb) JMFCOACH
  • Website: JMFCOACH.com
  • Top Cause: Youth Development
  • Other Cause: Outreach
  • Other Affiliations: AMC, Nine Lives Association


For the last nine years James Gilmore has worked as a Security/executive Driver exclusively with CEOs, Board Directors, and Heads of Business. Leveraging his skills, he took a leap and chose to start his own car service.

In June 2015 James opened JMF Coach: a concierge car service for the busy and discerning professionals. Mr. Gilmore is proud of what he has built and using his many talents to make his company a success. He understands the publics need for Safety, Security, and Convenience in our lives.

James is trained in security driving and executive protection, and is also a certified E.M.T. and P.P.S. (Personal Protection Specialist). With JMF Coach, customers can expect professional and personal assistance for them and their families, while maintaining a secure and confidential environment.

While growing his business, James continues to focus on issues that he finds important. As a Canton father he takes pride in noting his top cause is Youth Development. He has even instilled the importance of it in his children who work with younger kids at one of the town’s local summer camps.

James recognizes the various talents today’s youth have, and wants to do his part in helping to capitalize on their skills. That is why if you were to visit JMF Coach over the summer, you would find James mentoring a college intern he brought on board. Stressing the importance of hard skills like Security, Punctuality, and Defensive Driving As well as the soft skills of interacting with business leaders, their families in a Professional and Respectful manner.

Simple acts like these can provide youth with the skills necessary to succeed in business and in life.

Speaking to James it is easy to recognize his expertise in security driving, his professionalism matched with an easy going demeanor is whats making him successful. If you give JMF Coach a call for services, I am sure you will feel the same.

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