Evelyn Cardoso

Evelyn Cardoso


  • Company Name: Pineapple Thrift
  • Occupation: Artisan and Educator
  • Products: Handmade head-wraps, bracelets, anklets, and other handmade products from Cabo Verde.
  • Contact: (e) pineapplethrift@gmail.com 
  • Social Media: @pineapplethrift
  • Website: www.pineapplethrift.com
  • Top Cause: Agricultural Development
  • Other Causes: Art and Education


Evelyn is a young and motivated entrepreneur using her skills to promote Cabo Verde’s vibrant culture. She has found a love for crafting expertly made headwraps and other pieces which showcase this culture that so many have come to adore.

As a country which is commonly referred to as a model democracy for which other African nations can look to, Cabo Verde and its people have always strived to be great. Nevertheless, there are still obstacles to overcome to which Ms. Cardoso hopes to shed light on. Specifically, Evelyn wants to promote a agricultural development in her country so that Cabo Verde might find further success.

With a vibrant personality, undeniable talent, and admirable professionalism, Evelyn is showing young girls in Cabo Verde that they can follow their dreams and find success while doing it.

In Her Own Words:

My Cape Verdean identity has always influenced my work as an educator. As I continue to teach in my community, I have come to realize some of the challenges that Cape Verdeans are faced with and how these challenges go beyond the city of Boston. I believe these issues begin in our own country. Although Cape Verde has seen a rise in tourism and is widely known as a fairly developed country compared to its neighbors, it continues to face roadblocks to its growth.

An example of this can be found in the country’s food industry. A majority of Cape Verde’s food supply is dependent on other countries. However, there are also some people who depend on their own agricultural work for their personal food supply. If more focus is placed on growth in sustainable agriculture, specifically with sustainable tools and skills, Cape Verde will be able to support its own food industry, while simultaneously growing its economy.

10% of proceeds from all products purchased on pineapplethrift.com go to charities and organizations that support local organizations and charities.

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