Brittany Hathaway

brittany hathaway


  • Company Name: Brittany Hathaway Photography
  • Occupation: Photography Professional | Philanthropist | Conservationist
  • Services: Photography services dedicated to promoting humanity, social justice causes, nature conservation efforts, and public education on health and wellness.
  • Contact: (e) (p) 617-797-9076
  • Website:
  • Social Media: (fb) Brittany Hathaway Photography (ig) @Brittany_Hathaway_Photography
  • Top Cause: Reframing Islam
  • Other Causes: Public Shade Tree Coalition, New England Wildflower Society


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. We have all heard this quote many times over, but there are few people who actually act on it. Brittany Hathaway is one of the few people who upon witnessing something which was wrong, sought out to take concrete action to change it.

Upset by the dialogue regarding Muslims, she decided to use her skills to make a difference. Reframing Islam now boasts a breadth of images, quotes, and enlightening insight into the lives of Muslims in America. It may have started as a collection of photos and comments, but has grown into a movement.

Partnering with various organizations, elected officials, and community members, Brittany has spark a conversation which is helping others see what Islam is truly all about: love and peace.

In Her Own Words

As a photographer, I never stop shooting; simply because life never stops being so interesting. To me, having photographic documentation of this life is equally as important as living it!

Formally trained at Boston’s Massachusetts College of Art & Design, I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Fine Art in 2011. Specializing in darkroom techniques, I was able to find my way to express my passion for art while creating mementos of my experiences. My camera led me outdoors, on unexpected adventures, and to friends I didn’t know I had yet. Photography has changed both how I interact and remember the world around me.

My work is dedicated to promoting humanity, social justice causes, nature conservation efforts, and public education on health and wellness. Since 2016, I have partnered with organizations ranging from local grassroots groups to large corporations to boost their platforms for these shared values.

After receiving my Massachusetts Educator’s License to teach Visual Art, I spent a semester teaching high school darkroom and digital photography. Since then, I have been engaged in promoting the Visual Art education of Massachusetts youth. I currently work for the University of Massachusetts Amherst as their Digital Photography Asset Coordinator, and support the University with my photography skills as needed.

My formal education has taught me that a photograph is quite simple: sunlight, silver, digital sensors, and paper. My experiences have taught me that photography is a medium to experience the world in a richer and more dynamic way; it can broaden one’s understanding of a land or culture far away, or help find something deeper within ones own self. A souvenir from life, a photograph is a memory–good or bad–it is the most profound way to preserve a moment forever.

What is life if not a collection of memories?

For good measure, I give presentations/ lectures and volunteer my photography services to academic and non-profit organizations including: NAACP of Brockton, Massachusetts College of Art & Design, National Wildlife Society, The American Red Cross, Arthritis Foundation, Smith College, Tree Northampton, (see my Artist Resume for current listings) and of course, my personal passion project, Reframing Islam: A Photographic Resolution.

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