The Elevation


I have come to meet many people over the years. They come from all walks of life, different cultures, different income levels, different talents, and different backgrounds. It is easy to see that all of them have a unique talent or skill that could uplift those around them.

My goal with Elevated Providers (EP) has always been to motivate individuals to act on their skills, through entrepreneurship, as a means to achieve independence and self-appreciation.

As this initiative grows and evolves, it’s goals and mission will as well. As such, EP will begin focusing its efforts in order to be more effective. With that considered, EP will pivot from a website directory model to one focused on providing quality content and events. EP will also evolve to focus more acutely on a city which I believe has tremendous potential: Boston, Massachusetts. Lastly, EP will focus on a community all too often disenfranchised, demoralized, and marginalized: people of color.

People of color have tremendous skills that can contribute to our economy, and we ought provide the resources and motivation to make that a reality. By highlighting and promoting entrepreneurs, I hope that I can motivate others to pursuit this path.

My goal is to serve as the motivation for anyone doubting themselves, feeling stuck, and unsure of their future. For the Cape Verdean immigrant doubting her decision to move to the United States, for the young Haitian boy unsure about his post-college plans, for the determined Dominican mother hoping to capitalize on her talents, and for anyone else debating their future: Elevated Providers will be there for them.

By Lucas DeBarros

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