Manny Ventura – Everybody Eats Property Group

Coming to you from Providence Rhode Island, Manny Ventura is an energetic, passionate, and skilled entrepreneur helping guide others through their real estate endeavors. He recognizes the value in ownership as it relates to wealth management and is on a mission to make sure people of color have a seat at the table. With an uncanny ability to make real estate fun and engaging, Manny is fully committed to helping his clients by putting their satisfaction at the center of everything he does.



Tell me a little bit about what you do. 

I serve as a sort of real estate concierge providing valuable advice and guidance. I also take pride in connecting clients to the mortgage lender and/or real estate agent who is best suited for them.

Aside from what I do for my clients, I also have personal projects to help me achieve my own goals. Over the past few years I’ve been a wholesaler for houses, bought my own investment property, and also flipped a house. All that considered, my current goal is to focus on commercial real estate.

What does real estate mean to you?

Real Estate encompasses a lot of things: buying a first home, amassing wealth, investing in property, etc. Everyone’s idea of real estate is different. No matter what their goal is, what is most important to me is that I provide the best service I possibly can to my clients. 

Its not about getting someone to buy or sell a house quickly. You need to take your time and not rush considering this is one of the biggest investments in your life. This process has become really fulfilling for me, and I’ve become really passionate about helping people buy their first house and making a home for themselves. 

What is your goal and or mission for your business?

Is it for me or my clients? For my clients my goal is to provide them the house of their dreams whether it’s an investment property or their own personal home. I also have a personal goal which is to own an apartment complex of 100-300 units.

What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur?

You create your own dreams. 

What do you like to do when you aren’t working on your business? 

Play chess, hang with family, and write books based on experiences. In fact, I recently finished a romantic love novel called “The greatest love book you’ll ever read“.

I also really love to eat which is why my nickname in Spanish is “el gordo”.

What do you love about your culture and how has it influenced your work and work ethic? 

I am truly proud of my Dominican heritage as anyone who has met me knows. We are such a strong people. I love that we came from a different island to the U.S. in search of better opportunities. People from countries like yours and mine left their home, belongings, and sometimes their families risking it all for the sake of their children. Now its our job to take full control of that opportunity that our parents wanted for us and own it. 

What’s your favorite Dominican food? 

Platanos con salami

How do you work to uplift people of color in our communities/

I produce home buyer seminars and create financial programs to help people learn financial literacy. 

What do you think is most important for people of color in the Greater Boston area?

We have very litter ownership in anything and we have become renters. My goal is to change that so we have full ownership in business, home, and personal life. 

If you had a message to send to young people of color in Boston, what would it be?

Own whatever you do. Whether it be your business, your book, your publishing: own it. For many generations we have been taken advantage of. It’s time to take back control and own our own stuff. 

What is your motivation?

My inspiration comes from people. I genuinely love people. Everyone has a different perspective, and my job is to stay quiet, listen to it and enjoy the beauty of life that they bring with that perspective.

People know you to be a funny man, what’s your favorite joke? 

Why did the chicken cross the road?






Because he wanted to buy a house! 

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