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Sidney Baptista




  • Occupation: Running coach
  • Services: Group fitness, one-to-one coaching
  • Contact: (e)
  • Social Media: (ig) @sidbap
  • Top Cause: Cultural Diversity
  • Other Causes: Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ community, Feminism


Mr. Baptista’s efforts have effected many around him, and he has shown young people here in Boston that living a fit life is attainable for anyone. Aside from his coaching, Sidney’s hobbies include photography, branding, and spending time with his family.

In His Own Words:

My running journey began as a track team manager turned High School Record holder in 100m, 200m and 4×100 team relay. Previously a sub 50 second 400m runner, I turned my talents to distance running in 2013. I have since completed the Chicago marathon but loves the fast and deep pain of the 5K the most. My love of the long run and my history with these sprints mean my coaching sessions provide a special punch and flavor all their own. While I personally love running, my goal as a running coach is to diversify the running culture in Boston.

Geoff Janey


  • Company: Janey Elite Training
  • Occupation: Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach
  • Services: One on One/Partner Training programs, Group and Corporate Fitness and Wellness Programs, Strength Training, Powerlifting & Bodybuilding, Speed & Agility Drills, Sports Conditioning, Circuit & Interval Training, Weight Loss, Health & Wellness
  • Contact: (e)
  • Website:
  • Social Media: (ig) @janeyelitetraining
  • Top Cause: Anti Gentrification/Displacement

Often marginalized and forgotten, neighborhoods like Dorchester and Roxbury were shunned by many over the past decades. However, currently there is a development boom in the city of Boston and many have their eyes on these communities which they once turned their shoulder to.

This development often pushes out the people who made the community what it is today. We see gentrification creeping into Roxbury, Dorchester, and we already witnessed its effects in the South End where many families were forced to find new homes.

Fighting displacement is a difficult battle, but it starts by recognizing its existence and motivating others to join the fight. Geoff Janey knows this all too well. Passionate in his beliefs, he has become a successful trainer while fighting for causes like this.

I am against gentrification and the displacement of people who grew up in a community that are pushed out financially once the city deems a location as prime or profitable.

J.E.T. is a training brand dedicated to those who are dedicated to Goals. Over the years, JET has built a consistent reputation of Results. Through assessments, programming, knowledge, experience, and the ability adapt to a diverse clientele, our mission is to create a regimen tailored for the purpose of building a Better Faster Stronger version of YOU.


Tome Barros

Tome Barros


  • Occupation: Player Development Specialist
  • Services: Basketball Skills Trainer, Youth Development, Motivational Speaking, Mentoring, Athletic Consultant
  • Contact: (e)
  • Social Media: (ig) @Sonofabarros
  • Top Cause: Youth Development
  • Other Causes: Black Lives Matter

*Note: This provider is not currently available for hire


Tome Barros has become a role model to many in his family and community. He has had an unyielding passion for the sport of Basketball, and this love of the game has led him to attain great success over the years. Currently preparing for a trip to Spain to further his career, Mr. Barros will spend his time traveling Europe teaching others about the game and its virtues.

Tome also has many fond memories of his time growing up as a Boston youth; consequently, he does all that he can to uplift the next generation of Boston teens.

My main goal is to provide inner city youth with academic & athletic scholarships, equal employment, and help build their motivation.

In His Own Words:

I am a 30 year old former basketball player. In 2010-2011, I traveled across the globe to Senegal, Brazil and Cape Verde for a year to run my own basketball skills academy. During my time overseas I was able to intern with the most notorious international basketball camp, NBA and FIBA’s “Basketball Without Borders”. During my time coaching overseas I was able to learn from some notable NBA head coaches, assistants and NBA executives and apply those principles to my basketball academy.

I have a very serious passion for the game and a dedication to helping youth develop the skills needed to be a great basketball player both on and off the court. The sport of basketball has single handedly influenced the person I have become today with the lessons of hard work, perseverance and determination that I’ve learned on the hardwood.

I am currently a specialized trainer and would love the opportunity to train and work closely with young basketball players who are dedicated to learning and improving their skills.

I currently coach kids ages 4.5 up to professional adults and am comfortable in any environment. My workouts consist of the five essential parts of basketball which is DEFENSE, SHOOTING, PASSING, DRIBBLING AND CONDITIONING. I have a IQ for the game and enjoy working one-on-one with players hearing from them first hand where they need improvements and then working with them to build self-confidence in their abilities. My goal is to not only improve the player’s basketball ability but to also build confidence and to be a mentor on and off the court.