Flavio Debarros




  • Company Name: Flavio D Photography
  • Occupation: Photographer and Videographer
  • Services: Fine-art wedding and lifestyle photography
  • Contact: (e) (p) 617-652-0167
  • Preferred Contact Method: Email
  • Social Media: (ig) @Flavio_d_photography (fb) Flavio D Photography
  • Website:
  • Top Cause: Equal Rights for All
  • Other Causes: The Democratic Party, The Boys & Girls Club of Dorchester


A man who is never caged and never told what to do, Flavio Debarros has had a near meteoric photography career in Boston. I can personally remember the early days in his journey when he decided to pursue this path and leave his previous job. His grit and determination to follow his passion and make a name for himself is a testament to the success one can achieve with the right attention.

Talk to someone in the Boston wedding photography industry, those who have searched for the perfect photographer for their event, or those who write about talented wedding photographers (L1, L2, L3), and Flavio D Photography will likely be a part of that conversation.

In His Own Words:

“Here lies a sucker for love.” That’s what my tombstone will read some day. It’s the one thing I know for sure about myself. Love itself is classic and resolute, flourishing in unexpected places, regardless of religion, racial makeup or sexual orientation. Love is the reason I have developed such a deep passion for wedding photography. How could I not love documenting the union of two?

It was 1996 and I was 14. I, somehow, obtained a no-frills disposable camera and I found it intriguing. How can something so small hold so much? I was awe-inspired by the camera’s ability to capture a moment forever in time. Over the years, I got lost in the hustle and bustle and left my love for the camera behind. I spent time trying to be happy in a career that, in the end, was unfulfilling.

Fast forward to 2008, while moving into my first apartment, I was forced to dust off an old box of photos. It reminded me how much I enjoyed that a good photo freezes and transports you to a moment in time. From that point on, I started to dedicate all of my free time to developing my photography, eventually enrolling into Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts. Five years later, with the support and love of my wife, I’m living the dream as a classically trained photographer documenting the most important times in people’s lives.

Inspired by love… Classic, timeless, refreshing

Febian Shah



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Undeniably astonishing, Febian’s portfolio stands tall among the rest. Mr. Shah is yet another example of someone who had a passion and decided to seek it out relentlessly. Not only is he skilled with a camera, but he also has a Masters in Computer Science from India’s top university and co-founded Boston Professional Organization: a group which at its peak had over 1,500 members in it.

As his top cause Mr. Febian Shah chose “World Vision.” This organization allows you to sponsor a child for $35/month. This small price provides for everything from a child’s education to their health.

In regards to his support for “World Vision”, Febian had the following to say:

It is a great organisation and it helps me give back to the community. I get regular letters, greeting cards, messages, drawings from the children I sponsor and I can write to them myself. I cherish every little bit of communication I get from the children and it helps push me on my down days.

In His Own Words:

I am a Boston based Wedding and Fashion Photographer. I was always fascinated with photography but could never afford to buy a camera. After securing my first job in America – seven years ago, I spoiled myself and bought a $200 second hand camera off of Craigslist. I immersed myself in the world of photography and got obsessed with it. I read every book/website I came across and started putting it in practice. Social media added fuel to the fire by supporting what I did.

I have been featured on BBC Travel, was on the front page of Boston Globe won the Boston Metro Photography challenge and various other awards which further helped me grow the brand.

While photography remains my second job, for my main job, I have co-founded and run a small financial startup that is trying to disrupt the biggest giants on Wall Street. We are currently in our fourth year and still going strong. Technologically, we have achieved something that was simply not possible to do 5 years ago. With big data and cloud services, we are giving the big players a run for their money. I lead the tech team at our company and am very proud of what we have accomplished in so little time.

For photography, I take great pride in being able to connect with my clients to get genuine emotions out of them. I often work with people who have never been in front of the camera and find it important to get them comfortable. This is what I feel sets my business apart, I push to get genuine emotions out of clients and will never settle for fake smiles. I believe the breath of my portfolio speaks for itself and strive to grow more every day.

Alyssa Parker





Water is an essential element of our daily lives, and here in the US, many of us are blessed to have clean water readily available. This is not the case around the globe.

As a champion for clean water, the talented Alyssa Parker is a supporter of the nonprofit organization Healing Waters. With the global water crisis affecting over 1.8 billion people each year, Healing Waters combats this issue by building holistic clean water solutions and partnering with leaders in at-risk communities around the world. Her support for this organization is only one of the may ways she seeks fulfillment in her life aside from her work as a photographer.

Ms. Parker channels her passion for love into every photo she takes, and has a deep appreciation for her work. She continues to hone her skills and network with other photographers via groups like the Professional Photographers Association. With a background and personality like hers, Alyssa is the perfect fit for Elevated Providers and for your all your wedding photography needs.

In Her Own Words:

I’m Alyssa, a Wedding photographer in Lowell, MA serving the greater Boston Area. My passion for photography started at a young age when my mother gave me a disposable camera. And I guess you could say my passion for love started when I married my high school sweetheart.

Marriage is awesome. A commitment between two people to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives; it’s saying I have met the one I want by my side forever and always. My favorite part of every wedding is seeing the affection between two people and being able to freeze those beautiful moments in time.

My hope is that the bride and groom will look at their wedding images, months or years after, and they will remember how they felt on that day, they will remember all the love, joy and laughter of their wedding. I’m not only passionate about photography, I’m passionate about people, and their devotion to one another. I want to tell each love story through my lens and capture timeless images.

Kyle Eyma



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For those of us who live in a city, we often come across men, women, and sometimes families who are homeless with little to their name. Many of them have the same will and drive to succeed as anyone else, yet certain obstacles have stopped them from achieving their potential. Some pedestrians walk by without consideration or even acknowledgement of them, while people like Kyle stop to consider how they can uplift the homeless.
My mother inspired me to gear my efforts towards the homeless due to her involvement and working for the cause for the past year. I saw it only fitting that I take my passion for photography and aim to accomplish something that provides an impact.

Carrying over his passion for the homeless to his work as a photographer, Kyle has launched an online gallery/campaign where 20% of the proceeds from the photo campaign go directly to the Friends of Boston’s Homeless. The gallery hosts Kyle’s beautiful photography, and the final products come as professionally formatted 8X12 prints to showcase in your home. All this considered, it is important to note that it will be closing within 44 hours of when this post was written.

Efforts like this are the epitome of what Elevated Providers is aiming to achieve. This young professional is showing everyone that it is possible to be successful while still contributing to your community and uplifting others. All the while, he yearns to be the best at what he does and has relentless drive to create exceptional photos.

The pursuit of the perfectly composed portrait is what drives me to look farther and search harder for the most iconic locations.

Anyone in search of a freelance photographer would be remiss not to consider Kyle for their next project.


Brittany Hathaway

brittany hathaway.jpg


  • Company Name: Brittany Hathaway Photography
  • Occupation: Photography Professional | Philanthropist | Conservationist
  • Services: Photography services dedicated to promoting humanity, social justice causes, nature conservation efforts, and public education on health and wellness.
  • Contact: (e) (p) 617-797-9076
  • Website:
  • Social Media: (fb) Brittany Hathaway Photography (ig) @Brittany_Hathaway_Photography
  • Top Cause: Reframing Islam
  • Other Causes: Public Shade Tree Coalition, New England Wildflower Society


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. We have all heard this quote many times over, but there are few people who actually act on it. Brittany Hathaway is one of the few people who upon witnessing something which was wrong, sought out to take concrete action to change it.

Upset by the dialogue regarding Muslims, she decided to use her skills to make a difference. Reframing Islam now boasts a breadth of images, quotes, and enlightening insight into the lives of Muslims in America. It may have started as a collection of photos and comments, but has grown into a movement.

Partnering with various organizations, elected officials, and community members, Brittany has spark a conversation which is helping others see what Islam is truly all about: love and peace.

In Her Own Words

As a photographer, I never stop shooting; simply because life never stops being so interesting. To me, having photographic documentation of this life is equally as important as living it!

Formally trained at Boston’s Massachusetts College of Art & Design, I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Fine Art in 2011. Specializing in darkroom techniques, I was able to find my way to express my passion for art while creating mementos of my experiences. My camera led me outdoors, on unexpected adventures, and to friends I didn’t know I had yet. Photography has changed both how I interact and remember the world around me.

My work is dedicated to promoting humanity, social justice causes, nature conservation efforts, and public education on health and wellness. Since 2016, I have partnered with organizations ranging from local grassroots groups to large corporations to boost their platforms for these shared values.

After receiving my Massachusetts Educator’s License to teach Visual Art, I spent a semester teaching high school darkroom and digital photography. Since then, I have been engaged in promoting the Visual Art education of Massachusetts youth. I currently work for the University of Massachusetts Amherst as their Digital Photography Asset Coordinator, and support the University with my photography skills as needed.

My formal education has taught me that a photograph is quite simple: sunlight, silver, digital sensors, and paper. My experiences have taught me that photography is a medium to experience the world in a richer and more dynamic way; it can broaden one’s understanding of a land or culture far away, or help find something deeper within ones own self. A souvenir from life, a photograph is a memory–good or bad–it is the most profound way to preserve a moment forever.

What is life if not a collection of memories?

For good measure, I give presentations/ lectures and volunteer my photography services to academic and non-profit organizations including: NAACP of Brockton, Massachusetts College of Art & Design, National Wildlife Society, The American Red Cross, Arthritis Foundation, Smith College, Tree Northampton, (see my Artist Resume for current listings) and of course, my personal passion project, Reframing Islam: A Photographic Resolution.