Evan Glasser

Details Company: Wayfair Occupation: Business Account Manager Services: Furniture Sales for Businesses, Project Consultation, and more Contact: (e) evang32@gmail.com Top Cause: Equal rights for all Other Causes: Income equality, climate change, corporate abuse Biography: Currently living in Boston MA as a dual Australian/American citizen, Evan has made our city his home. Meeting Evan you will quickly come to appreciate his humor,…

Malcolm Little

Details Field: Marketing Services: Marketing/Advertising, & Branding advice, Photography, Design (some) Contact: (e) malcolmthelittle@gmail.com (p) 860-324-6272 Preferred Contact Method: Text Social Media: (ig) @malcolmthelittle (in) linkedin.com/in/malcolmthelittle Top Cause: Equal Rights Other Causes: The Arts Biography: Malcolm is the type to let nothing get in the way of enjoying life. Despite whatever responsibilities he may have, he makes sure to make time for his hobbies….