Lahiru Tholka-Mudalige

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  • Occupation: Web Developer
  • Services: Web Development, Mobile Website Development, Graphic Design, UI/UX Development
  • Contact: (e)
  • Website:
  • Top Cause: Equal Opportunities for Minorities
  • Other Causes: Clean Water; Gender Equality


A familiar face to Elevated Providers, Lahiru once again makes an appearance wearing a different hat. Lahiru recognized the demand for web development services and wasted no time perfecting his craft. He often urges others to take the same path and enter this far reaching field. Mr. Tholka-Mudalige hopes that in the future those working in the industry will be a diverse array of ages and ethnicities.

In His Own Words:

My name is Lahiru and I am a professional web developer based in Cambridge, MA. I work full time as a consulting developer and also do freelance work. In my work, I utilize working knowledge of .NET, C#, .NET MVC, AngularJS, Angular2, PHP, MySQL, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, JQuery, IIS, and Apache to develop and maintain efficient web applications based on client specifications. Feel free to browse my portfolio on my website that highlights some graphic design and web development work of mine.

Mark DePina

Mark DePina


  • Company Name: ElectronicsDirectUSA
  • Title: Chief Executive Officer
  • Services: IT Outsourcing, Onsite IT Support, Online Electronics Retailer, Prepaid Mobile Phone Dealer.
  • Contact: (e) (p) (617) 858-5421
  • Website:
  • Social Media: (fb) ElectronicsDirectUSA
  • Top Cause: Youth Development
  • Other Causes: Anti-Bullying


Mark’s story should serve as motivation to anyone who doubts their ability to succeed, and more specifically, anyone who is hesitant to take on their own business endeavor. Once again we see someone here who has bucked the trend of the traditional career path and has become tremendously successful in doing so. By promoting youth development and anti-bullying sentiment, Mr. DePina will empower and motivate our youth to find the same success that he has.

As a 23 year old entrepreneur, Mark DePina always knew he would become a business owner. At the age of 10 he started his own business. 11 years later, Depina, created ElectronicsDirectUSA. ElectronicsDirectUSA, also know as EDUSA, offers IT outsourcing for small to medium sized businesses and residential tech services in the Massachusetts area. EDUSA offers remote IT support to all clients across the United States. EDUSA’s online store offers a wide variety of electronics that can be shipped right to your door.