The Story


Elevated Providers is a source to connect, empower, and motivate Bostonians of color interested in entrepreneurship. Everyone in this world has a unique and indistinguishable skill that they can use to uplift their community, and EP is here to motivate our people to make that a reality.

This will be accomplished in multiple ways including providing content  promoting entrepreneurs, providing resources for entrepreneurs, and hosting events connecting entrepreneurs.

In other words, I seek to elevate those who are, or hope to, provide for and uplift their communities with the unique talents they have.

My goal is to serve as the motivation for anyone doubting themselves, feeling stuck, and unsure of their future. For the Cape Verdean immigrant doubting her decision to move to the United States, for the young Haitian boy unsure about his post-college plans, for the determined Dominican mother hoping to capitalize on her talents, and for anyone else debating their future: Elevated Providers will be there for them.

by Lucas DeBarros

Additional Material

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*Featured image by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash